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Disability Representation

Representing claimants for Social Security disability benefits in Southern California

Getting Approved for Social Security benefits is typically a long, difficult process. Most claimants are denied at the initial claim and reconsideration level. The next step in the appeal process is a request for hearing before an Administrative Law Judge. This last step often takes a year or more to get a hearing date. But it is at this level that most claimants who meet the disability rules, are approved. However, there are many issues in which a representative can assist.


Most cases for Social Security disability benefits are heard before an Administrative Law Judge. At this hearing, your testimony will be taken, additional evidence submitted, and occasionally, a medical expert will appear to advise the Judge on interpreting the medical evidence and the likely impact on your functional limitations. More often, a vocational expert will testify about your past work, and the availability of other work in the National economy, based on the work restrictions assigned by the Judge. This is truly the first, and in most cases, the only time to speak directly with the person who makes a decision about your entitlement to this benefit. Having a representative insures that the necessary medical and lay evidence is gathered, and presented, with all legal arguments to promote winning your case.